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Indeus Life Sciences is a subsidiary of Nordic Group BV.

Indeus offers its clients high quality formulation development services for the regulated markets in the US and the European Union. The facility houses a state-of-the art formulation development laboratory, an analytical laboratory and a cGMP certified pilot plant

The Research and Development facility at Indeus Life Sciences includes

  • Pre-formulation laboratory for regular development activities
  • cGMP area (pilot plant) for scale-up studies, process validation and manufacture of batches for clinical studies
  • Analytical laboratory for carrying out method development, validation and stability studies as per ICH guidelines
  • Project planning
  • Quality assurance and compliance
  • Intellectual property cell
  • Finance, Human Resources and Administration

The other companies in the group include the following:

asd   Nordic Drugs
The Nordic Group is a privately-owned, fast-growing, fully-integrated, pan-European Pharmaceutical Group with a strong emphasis on quality products and services that cater to the special needs of each client and patient. The Nordic Group originated in 1995 with the establishment of the first Nordic organisation in Scandinavia. In the years that followed, the Nordic Group gradually expanded its geographical implantation throughout Europe and significantly enlarged its range of activities. Nordic Drugs is a marketing and sales organization and has a strong presence in the Scandinavian countries, in particular in primary care and retail pharmacies.
Disphar International is a well-established and reliable
Pharmaceutical Services Company and a respected business partner in the European pharmaceutical industry.

Disphar provides a range of high-quality products and services, which include registration dossiers, Marketing Authorisations and the management of industrial product supply to a wide range of pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe.
QPharma was established in 1999 in Malmö, Sweden, and is a Specialised Pharmaceutical Service company in the Nordic Group that is dedicated to pharmaceutical development and speciality contract manufacturing.
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